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Drug Trafficking in Colorado Can Have Steep Penalties

Charged With Drug Trafficking in Colorado? Contact Steven Louth for Help! Across the United States, drug trafficking is a serious and growing problem. Charges for drug trafficking comprise the manufacturing, possession, sale, and distribution of illegal drugs. In Colorado, federal

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Police Brutality: Are Armed Police a Threat? Know Your Rights

It seems like more and more often we hear of citizens being beaten or even killed by an armed police officer in what was, ostensibly, a routine traffic stop or an arrest for a relatively minor crime. The city of

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Understanding Colorado Sex and Decency Law

Colorado Sex and Decency Law Expert, Steven Louth In more recent years, the frequency of public nudity has increased. Sometimes, it is in the name of harmless fun, for instance worldwide naked bike riding events, and sacramental moonings in Orange

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You’ll Never Believe Who Got Arrested: Top 10 Celebrity DUIs

Our favorite celebrities are always in the news. Sometimes they are being recognized for extraordinary achievements, professional awards, or their humanitarian efforts. Other times the recognition might not be so coveted- say for example when a less-than-flattering mug shot is

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Top Ways to Get Arrested

Perhaps you think only well-deserving, hardened criminals end up being taken away in handcuffs and locked behind bars. In reality, you could do something fairly minor—such as urinating in public—and find yourself in serious legal trouble and in need of

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Understanding Colorado Domestic Violence Law

Colorado Domestic Violence Defense Attorney, Steven Louth Data indicates that, over one-third of all women and one-quarter of all men in the United States have experienced some type of domestic violence. But what exactly does or does not constitute domestic

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Colorado Teachers Banned for Criminal Behavior

In the past decade, over two hundred Colorado educators have been indelibly banished from their classrooms for a variety of criminal behaviors, including drug use, theft, and improper relations with students.  Like anyone else facing legal charges, Colorado teachers banned

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