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How Dangerous are Immigrants? Not as Dangerous as Citizens According to Cato Study

There is a widespread belief that immigrants are more dangerous than U.S. citizens. In light of recent political events, there is even more divide in this country when it comes to immigration and immigrant dangers. While immigrants have been arrested

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The Threat of Improper Prosecutions and Wrongful Convictions

Have you been charged with child pornography?  If so, it is important to understand how serious these charges truly are and how the mere accusation is often enough to derail and damage your personal and professional relationships. Improper prosecutions and wrongful

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Local Teacher Among Ten Arrested in Denver Child Predator Sting

An undercover Denver child predator sting operation in Adams County that lasted 2 days produced ten arrests. Among those taken into custody was a Denver educator employed at Warren Village learning center. The teacher was 35-year-old David Joseph Hocker. The

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Shocking Crime Statistics Regarding Race in America

Liberal columnist Sally Kohn made waves when she wrote a CNN opinion piece on race and crime in America. She offered a few shocking crime statistics including these two:

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How to Legally Fly Your Drone | Boulder Criminal Defense Attorney

You must have been on Santa’s “Nice” list, because you got just what you had been wanting most- a drone of your very own, to fly anywhere you want. Well, not really anywhere… According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),

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Avoiding New Year’s Eve Criminal Charges

With the holiday season once again upon us, we all probably find ourselves a little distracted. But this is certainly not the time to let your guard down. When you’re out and about this season- shopping or coming and going

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Job Hunting After a Felony Conviction

After a felony conviction, many obstacles will be encountered when transitioning back into society. Strangers, even friends and loved ones may always view you as a felon. In many ways, society will always view you as a felon too –

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Denver Crime Rate Increases After Opening of Retail Pot Stores According to American Thinker Magazine

Nearly two years since the first legal marijuana store opened its doors, the public wants to know if marijuana legalization has had any adverse effects on Colorado. Following the opening of retail pot stores on January 1, 2014, marijuana legalization

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Domestic Violence Allegations and the NFL

Recently, released photographs of Nicole Holder, ex-girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys defensive end, Greg Hardy. The pictures are reportedly evidence of injuries sustained after Hardy attacked Holder in 2014. They were used in a bench trial in the wake of

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Does America Need Sentencing Reform?

In what appears to be a rare example of bipartisanship, the red and the blue have united to endorse a proposal which calls for major reform in the federal criminal sentencing laws. Known officially as the Sentencing Reform and Corrections

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