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Helping Your Child After an Arrest

So, you just received the phone call every parent dreads. Your child is in trouble, and you need to act quickly to prevent this mistake from derailing his or her future. In fact, depending on what your child is being

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The Phone Call: When Your Child is Arrested for DUI

It is a phone call no parent wants to receive: that his or her child has been arrested for DUI. At first, you may be furious and angry that your child disobeyed you and put his or her life in

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Underage DUI: What Can Parents Expect?

The legal drinking age in Colorado, as in the rest of the country, is 21 years of age. Those under the age of 21 are not permitted to drink, regardless of whether they are operating a motor vehicle. Therefore, motorists

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Zero Tolerance – Six-Year-old Suspended After Pointing Finger Like a Gun

Recently, a six-year-old boy was suspended from Stratton Meadows Elementary School in Colorado Springs for allegedly threatening classmates. The boy’s father spoke with a local ABC news affiliate, telling reporters that his son was suspended from school for one day

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Police Arrests Replacing School Discipline for Teens?

Only a few short years ago, teens caught skipping class, talking back to a teacher, or scuffling in the hallways ended up in after-school detention. Today that same teenager stands a good stance of ending up in police custody for

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What do I do After I’ve Been Arrested?

If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged with a crime, the steps you take immediately following the arrest are critical to the overall outcome of your case. First and foremost, it is important to refrain speaking

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What Happens When my Child is Arrested for Possession of Alcohol?

Teenagers often push the limits and break the rules. Yet when those rules are state and federal laws, children can find themselves in serious legal trouble. If your child was arrested for possession of alcohol, it is important to understand

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What do I do if my Child is Arrested?

The moment you are informed that your child has been arrested is a terrifying moment for parents. It can be devastating and heartbreaking to realize that your child has committed a crime and may now be in serious trouble. To

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Teenager Facing Criminal In The Deaths Of Two People

  9 News reports that a teenager is facing criminal charges after an accident that resulted in the deaths of two people. The accident occurred at 17th Place and the off ramp from I-225 southbound in Aurora. After two months

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Man Assulted and Robbed on Bike Path by Broker Inn

Boulder police arrested two men after a man said he was assaulted and robbed on the bike path behind the Broker Inn. According to The Denver Post, the police reports indicate that the victim told police that one of the

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