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Taylor Swift – Civil Cases vs. Criminal Cases

Many of those who kept up with the recent Taylor Swift “groping” case may have wondered why, when Swift countersued DJ David Mueller for assault and battery, the case was filed as a civil case rather than a criminal case.

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The Threat of Improper Prosecutions and Wrongful Convictions

Have you been charged with child pornography?  If so, it is important to understand how serious these charges truly are and how the mere accusation is often enough to derail and damage your personal and professional relationships. Improper prosecutions and wrongful

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The Consequences of a False Accusation of Rape Can Be Detrimental

It’s not pretty and it’s not fair, but it does happen- false accusations of rape. Petty people sometimes misuse the grave charge of rape to gain an upper hand, seek revenge, or otherwise hurt another person. The consequences of a

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Understanding Colorado Sex and Decency Law

Colorado Sex and Decency Law Expert, Steven Louth In more recent years, the frequency of public nudity has increased. Sometimes, it is in the name of harmless fun, for instance worldwide naked bike riding events, and sacramental moonings in Orange

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False Accusations of Rape Could Haunt You for Life

False Accusations of Rape Can Have Lasting Repercussions Unfortunately, rape allegations are much easier to make than to disprove. In most cases, the only “witness” is the person making the allegation, and there may even be no need to show

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Colorado Police Dogs Sniffing for Sex?

Detection Dogs Have a New Job The phrase “getting tough on crime,” apparently just rose to an entirely new level. The newest resource in the Colorado police departments’ arsenal centers around detection dogs, trained to sniff out both animate and

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How to Hire a Sexual Assault Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with sexual assault in the state of Colorado, you should be prepared for a serious legal battle. Prosecutors typically consider sexual assault crimes atrocious, and they will waste no time seeking a conviction and stiff

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Are Condoms Really Probable Cause in Prostitution Cases?

Carrying condoms is the safe thing to do in today’s day and age—after all, safe sex is important. Yet carrying condoms can also get you arrested—and in some cases, charged with prostitution or sex trafficking. That’s right. Police officers in

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Celebrities Join Obama in Sexual Assault PSA

The White House unveiled a star studded PSA video addressing the crime of sexual assault. Stars such as Daniel Craig, Benicio del Toro, Seth Meyers, Steve Carell, and Dule Hill have joined President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

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Sex Trafficking in Denver is $40 Million Business

Sex trafficking and prostitution in Denver is a thriving multi-million dollar business and police authorities are unsure of how to stop it. A report from Urban Institute found that Denver’s underground sex trafficking economy was roughly $40 million. Other large

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