Airport Report: Guns Found in Carry-ons

Guns Found in Carry-onsA new federal report indicates that Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport ranks second nationwide among airports for the number of guns found in carry-ons by authorities in 2014. A total of 111 firearms were discovered at Hartfield-Jackson during 2013- with most of them being loaded. Where does Denver’s airport rank? Rounding out the top five on this list included:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth International at #1
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International at #3
  • Houston George Bush International at #4
  • Denver International at #5

Across the country, TSA officials discovered 42 more guns in 2014 than 2013, posting a record high of 1,855 guns. Eighty percent of those weapons were loaded.

When a gun is detected, security agents sound an alarm. Local law enforcement then takes the passenger and gun away from the screening area for the safety of the other travelers. Local police will then determine if the passenger will be arrested or cited for any one of a variety of weapons charges, and whether or not they will be allowed to continue travelling. Additionally, passengers carrying firearms in their carry-on baggage can be fined up to $11,000 by TSA.

Travelling Legally With Firearms

Airline passengers are allowed to travel with unloaded firearms in their checked baggage, provided they comply with regulations. The following stipulations have been mandated by the Transportation Security Administration:

  • Firearms are to be unloaded and locked in a hard-sided receptacle as checked baggage only. Frames, receivers, and other firearm components are also prohibited in carry-on baggage, and must be checked.
  • Passengers must declare all firearms, parts, and ammunition at the airline ticket counter at the time of check-in.
  • Replica firearms are also required to be in checked baggage.
  • Firearm regulations vary according to location. Therefore, travelers are encouraged to confirm the laws of their destinations.
  • Rifle scopes are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage.

Additionally, TSA imposes safety regulations concerning the transportation of ammunition:

  • Loaded and/or empty firearm magazines and clips are to be securely contained within a hard-sided case with the unloaded firearm.
  • Ammunition not in excess of .75 caliber for a rifle or pistol, shotgun shells, and other small arms ammunition may be transported in the same hard-sided case with the firearm, as outlined in the previously mentioned packing directions.

Before leaving home, it is a good idea for travelers to inspect their luggage for any prohibited items including firearms, parts, and/or ammunition to avoid detainment, possible arrest, or serious civil penalties.

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