43-Year-Old Man Admitted To Killing Two Teens

Published: August 19, 2013 в 5:12 pm


A 43-year-old man admitted to killing two teens in Adams County but claimed it was in self defense after one of the boys charged at him with a large butcher knife. William Otto faces two counts of murder in the deaths of Jonathan Gonzalez and Espinosa-Gamboa, both 16-year-olds. Mr. Otto’s house was known around the neighborhood as the “party house” and he would often buy alcohol for teens to drink at the residence. Police records state that the two teen boys had taken video of Mr. Otto touching one of the boys and asking if he could perform sexual acts on him. Reports state that the shootings were prompted after the two teens tried using that video to blackmail and extort money from him. Mr. Otto is in the Adams County Jail at this time and is due in court later this week.

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