Criminal Record Sealing

“Have you ever been arrested? Have you ever been charged with a crime? If so, please explain.” This is a dreaded line of questioning for many people. It comes up on applications for credit, admissions, jobs, licensing, etc. It is almost unavoidable. For individuals who have criminal records, answering this line of questioning can hurt their prospects, not to mention cause undue embarrassment.

Fortunately, certain individuals who have been arrested or charged with crimes in Colorado are eligible to seal those Colorado records. And when those Colorado records are sealed, the fact that an individual was arrested and charged with an offense will no longer appear on general background checks.

Additionally, an individual who has sealed his records need not, in answer to any question concerning arrest and criminal records information that has been sealed, include a reference to or information concerning such sealed information and may state that no such action has ever occurred. In other words, an individual whose records have been sealed can truthfully answer the dreaded line of questioning “no” in regard to the sealed incident. In essence, sealing a criminal record allows an individual to truly move on and avoid the unjust branding that comes with having a record.

Our office assists individuals with sealing their Colorado criminal records. If you are interested in sealing your Colorado criminal records, please contact our office. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation to determine if your records are eligible to be sealed.

C.R.S. 24-72-308


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