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Economic crimes, typically non-violent crimes involving the theft or misuse of money or other financial instruments, is sometimes referred to as White Collar Crime, after the generalization of being committed by people with white-collar jobs. In many cases, investigating white collar crime requires detailed and intensive forensic accounting, often involving very large assets which can be large amounts of money or extremely valuable stocks, physical assets, or anything of value. In many cases, white collar crimes are also charged as computer crime.  The government takes these crimes very seriously, and so do the dedicated lawyers at the Steven Louth Law Offices. With a background in criminal prosecution, and many years of experience defending criminal charges, Denver white collar crime attorney Steven Louth possesses a thorough understanding of how prosecutors work charges of economic crime, and can design a defense around the specific details of your case.

Steven Louth has been practicing law for over 25 years; he and Zachary Louth handle all of the firm's cases personally, ensuring that you are always able to speak to a dedicated, aggressive Denver criminal defense attorney who will advocate fiercely for your rights, and work hard to get the best possible outcome out of a very unfortunate situation.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that white collar crime is not as serious as other crimes because generally speaking no one is physically injured. However, the government does not take this view. It is important that you understand this if you are under investigation for white-collar crimes. Speak with a Denver white collar defense attorney immediately, as soon as you know that you are even under consideration, to protect your rights. Some of the most commonly prosecuted white collar crimes are:

  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Identity Theft


In legal terms, theft is very similar to what you think of; it is a general term for taking money or valuables that do not belong to you. Typically, theft will be charged as a more specific charge, based on the nature or value of the stolen items.


Generally speaking, fraud is committed when a person lies or misrepresents the truth in order to gain access to money or valuables. In many cases, fraud cases are charged in federal court. Some examples of fraud charges typically charged in federal court are mail fraud and tax fraud, however many other types of fraud may result in federal charges as well. If you are under investigation for fraud, you should speak with an experienced Denver federal criminal defense attorney right away.


In fact, embezzlement is a form of fraud. Generally speaking, a person in a position of financial trust fraudulently converts ownership of money or property to him or herself, that person commits embezzlement. In simpler terms, embezzlement often involves an accountant or high-ranking company officer fraudulently taking possession of company money or assets.


Forgery is pretty simple to understand. It involves creating a fake document, or illegally changing a real document. The simplest forms of forgery to understand might be signing someone else's name to a legal document without their permission, or making a fake copy of a famous artwork. In each case, you appear to have property rights that in fact you do not have.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft has been a very big deal in recent years. When a person uses another person's personal information to gain anything of value, they commit identity theft. It is important to understand that the person may not be stealing any asset from the victim of the identity theft. For example, using another person's social security number to obtain a loan is identity theft, even if the identity thief honestly intends to repay the loan.

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Denver White Collar Crime AttorneyIf you have been charged with any white-collar crime, or if you are under investigation, contact the dedicated, knowledgeable Denver criminal defense lawyers at Steven Louth Law Offices immediately. From the moment you are even suspected, protecting your rights is of vital importance. Steven and Zachary Louth are both dedicated, aggressive Denver economic crime defense attorneys who understand how to protect your rights, and will fight hard to earn an acquittal, or the least restrictive possible penalty in case of a conviction. Whether you have made a terrible mistake, or are suspected of a crime that you did not commit, contact Steven Louth Law Offices today at (303)442-2297.

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