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Sexual assault is one of the most serious crimes. If convicted, the consequences will be severe and may extend through the rest of your life. It is important that you consult with a Boulder sexual assault defense attorney right away. If you or a family member is charged with sexual assault you  should immediately contact an experienced Denver sexual assault lawyer. You want to sit down with an attorney who will listen to your situation and can advise you how to proceed. Until you meet with an attorney you should inform police you are seeking advice from an attorney due to the seriousness of the allegations and do not wish to make any statements at this time. Some people feel like not making a statement is incriminating or that they have to tell their story. If the case goes to trial the district attorney will use any statement made to obtain a conviction. Its not uncommon for people to feel like their statements have been twisted and turned to be used against them by the prosecution.

What am I looking at if I am convicted of sexual assault?

Registration as a sex offender is mandatory among anyone convicted of a sex offense. Sexual assault carries an indeterminate life sentence, meaning anyone convicted of this crime is subject to lifetime supervision. If a person is sent to prison it is a indeterminate life sentence. In some cases it is possible for someone convicted of a sex offense to receive probation. Many times plea deals can be reached which avoid indeterminate sentencing. There are so many different scenarios we have handled and each strategy differs so the best thing to do is contact our office and speak with Mr. Louth directly.

What are the elements of sexual assault?

Many people are surprised to learn that any form of penetration or intrusion, however slight, is enough for sexual assault to have occurred. Penetration can involve the use of a mouth. If intrusion or penetration occurs while the alleged victim is physically helpless, such as being asleep, and the victim has not consented the elements of sexual assault have been met.

If the alleged victim is unable to appraise the nature of their conduct, it does not matter whether or not the victim has consented. If the alleged victim is blacked out and has a sexual encounter and the next day reports it, the accused will be charged with sex assault.

Sexual assault can also be charged when the alleged victim is not old enough to consent. If the alleged victim is less than fifteen and the actor is at least four years older than the victim sexual assault has occurred, regardless of whether or not the victim consented. If the alleged victim is between 15 and 17 and the actor is at least ten years older, sexual assault is deemed to have occurred.  Having the right Denver and Boulder sexual assault lawyer is paramount in these situations.

What is the legal process like?

When a person is charged with a crime they are either arrested at the scene or the police will seek a warrant stating there is probable cause for an arrest. The individual will appear before a judge and a bond amount will be set. The process for a case of this magnitude can be lengthy. Anyone charged with this crime is thinking about it every waking hour of every day. It is unbelievably stressful period of time. Having an experienced Denver attorney means you have every detail throughout this entire process explained and ensure your interests are protected.

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Denver & Boulder Sexual Assault Defense Attorney Steven LouthSteven Louth prosecuted sexual assaults as a district attorney and after eight years left to start his private practice. He knows how prosecutors build a case and has years of experience advising people charged with sexual assaults about their options. He works with DNA experts, private investigators and has a full team to help you protect your life. Contact Denver & Boulder sexual assault defense attorney, Steven Louth to schedule a free initial consultation.

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