Domestic Violence Classes in Colorado

Domestic Violence Treatment in Colorado

In any conviction or plea to a domestic violence related offense, the individual will be ordered to complete domestic violence classes. What do these classes look like? These are weekly sessions that last around an hour. Individuals are mostly non violent offenders. Anyone court ordered to participate in these classes can choose a treatment provider they are comfortable working with.

The domestic violence program changed in 2010. Individuals are now assigned a level at the beginning of treatment. There are three levels A, B and C and the level determines the minimum amount of classes that must be completed. Individuals will be required to participate in 24 to 48 classes. Sessions average $30 and the costs of treatment can be burdensome.

To be terminated from treatment the individual has to demonstrate acceptance and accountability for their behavior. This is a difficult line because “facts” in the police reports or statements by witnesses are not always accurate. If someone denies certain accusations the treatment provider can extend the length of treatment.

Most of our clients report they get something of value from hearing other individual's stories and circumstances and speaking about their own issues. The groups are designed to be a support mechanism to encourage people in the group to be more aware or their decisions and to change the way they respond to emotional situations.

When Attorneys Steven Louth and Zachary Louth review your case, they will see if there are any grounds to argue for a dismissal or to take to your in front of a jury. The domestic violence classes will be required in any plea bargain. Contact Steven or Zachary today to discuss your case and the domestic violence treatment program. We can recommend providers in your area. Contact us today at 303-442-2297.






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