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_DSC5969(0).jpgUnlawful sexual contact is a sex crime under Colorado law that can be prosecuted as a felony or misdemeanor offense. Sexual contact means touching intimate parts or the clothing covering intimate parts if the touching is for sexual purposes. The sexual contact becomes a crime if the individual:

  • knows the victim does not consent
  • knows the victim is unable to appraise the nature of his or her conduct
  • knows the victim is physically helpless and the victim did not consent
  • impairs the victim's power to appraise or control the individual's conduct by use of intoxicant or drug

These are class one misdemeanors where the maximum sentence can be two years in jail. These sentences also include registration as a sex offender. This criminal charge is very serious, and it is in your best interest to contact the unlawful sexual contact attorneys at the Steven Louth Law Offices for legal advice.

Under certain situations unlawful sexual contact is prosecuted as a felony. Unlawful sexual contact is a class four felony offense and subject to indeterminate sentencing when the use of force, threat or intimidation is used to compel the victim to submit. It is also felony when an individual induces or coerces a child, someone under 18 years of age, to expose intimate parts with or without touching, or engages in sexual contact for the purpose of sexual gratification. If medical personal engages in treatment or examination of a patient that is substantially inconsistent with bona fide medical purposes it is a class four felony offense.

Avoiding indeterminate sentencing is a goal for anyone charged with a sex crime. However being convicted of any sex crime means a person is a registered sex offender. This hurts an individual's reputation and chance to obtain housing, employment, loans and education among other things.

If you have been charged with unlawful sexual contact or are being investigated by police, speak with a criminal defense lawyer at the onset of the case. Everyone has the right to remain silent. When people speak with police they lock themselves into statements that hurt the chances of a successful outcome down the road without knowing what evidence the police have collected.

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Unlawful Sexual Contact Attorneys of the Steven Louth Law Offices in BoulderSteven Louth is a criminal defense lawyer who has 25 years experience handling sex crimes. He prosecuted sexual assaults while he served as deputy district attorney for eight years. In 1996, he left to start his own practice and has handled many high profile sex assault cases. If you sex assault charges are pending, contact the Denver criminal defense law firm of Steven Louth. We have offices in Boulder and Denver and represent people across the state of Colorado. Contact our office at 303-442-2297 for a free case evaluation.

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