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Facing criminal charges such as assault in Colorado is a terrible experience. Whether you have made a horrible mistake or have been accused of something that you did not do, you have rights which need to be protected immediately by an experienced, aggressive Boulder assault defense lawyer. Assault charges are pursued aggressively by both the police and prosecutors; in many cases, district attorney’s may feel that their reputations depend on being “tough” on violent crime. In some cases, the rights of the people accused of those offenses get trampled in the process. Whether you are being investigated for assault or related charges, or you have been formally charged, the sooner you speak to a good lawyer, the more likely it is that investigators will be made to respect your legal rights, and your final outcome is likely to much better. While in some cases, people are charged with simple assault, there are also a number of related charges, which an attorney needs to understand in order to design an effective strategy for your defense. Some of these related charges include:

If you face any of these charges, you need an attorney who can understand the situation you are in, who has the legal expertise to protect your rights, and the courtroom presence to effectively defend your case should it go to court. Attorney Steven Louth has defended countless clients against criminal charges from petty crimes to serious felony charges. He understands that, first and foremost, you are innocent until proven guilty in court. He knows that everyone can make mistakes, and that this applies to police and prosecutors as well, who sometimes arrest and prosecute innocent people. Mr. Louth has the legal expertise to ensure that your rights are never violated, and that if they are, the charges against you should be dropped.

Criminal Justice System Experience Means Better Representation

One of Mr. Louth's most important qualifications as a criminal defense lawyer is the fact that he was a Boulder County prosecutor for several years. Steven understands how police investigate cases, and how prosecutors work them. He knows what to expect, and most importantly, how to poke holes in the prosecution's case. While the defendant is not required to prove his or her innocence, but only to demonstrate a reasonable degree of doubt as to guilt, Mr. Louth is often able to demonstrate a very broad degree of doubt.

Steven also understands the value of honesty in the attorney-client relationship. In order to get the best possible outcome, you need to be able to trust and be honest with your attorney, while at the same time, he will be honest with you about the possibilities of your case. Steven has the experience to know how to get the best possible outcome for each client.

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Boulder criminal defense attorney Steven LouthSteven Louth understands that his role as a defense attorney is to advocate fiercely for his clients, a role he gladly accepts, and works hard to carry out. If you have been charged with assault in Boulder County, speak with dedicated, aggressive Boulder criminal defense attorney Steven Louth today. From protecting your rights at the time of arrest, to seeking dismissal of all charges, to seeing the court process through to the end, Mr. Louth fights hard for his clients. For more information and a FREE CASE EVALUATION, call the Steven Louth Law Office today at (303)442-2297.

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