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When a crime results in the death of another person the accused will be charged with homicide. It is important to contact a Denver murder and homicide attorney who has experience handling these kinds of cases and has a team that knows what needs to be investigated further. Murder charges can be built around DNA evidence, eye-witness testimony or other circumstantial evidence. The first thing we do is review the police reports and see how the police have conducted their investigation. We will have our investigators interview key witnesses that may or may not have been interviewed by police.

Communication is a big part of what we do. We work with our clients so they understand the legal proceedings and what occurs at each step throughout the process. We agree upon a strategy at the onset of the case. Each case is extremely different and the goals of each case vary considerably. We work for a successful resolution of the case throughout each stage of proceedings. Many times we immediately know the case will be taken to a jury trial if the charges are not dismissed.

Steven Louth-Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

Steven Louth handles all murder and homicide cases in his firm. Mr. Louth began his career serving as a Deputy District Attorney for eight years, before leaving to start his private practice in 1996. Mr. Louth excelled at the District Attorney's office and handled felony cases, specializing in vehicular homicides, sex assault, violent assaults and homicides. In private practice Mr. Louth has handled many cases where his clients are facing life in prison and Mr. Louth is proud of his successes and the lives he has helped save. Mr. Louth has a unique perspective in which he knows how the prosecution and defense builds a case and the tactics the prosecution will employ. Mr. Louth has handled a multitude of homicide cases throughout his 25 year career.

Denver Murder Trial Lawyer

Mr. Louth's specialty is jury trials. Mr. Louth frequently takes cases to trial and any client considering trial is invited to watch Mr. Louth conduct a jury trial. Mr. Louth has a fascination with the history of law and loves the privilege of advocating for his clients. In murder trials, the individuals life and future is on the line. These are situations where Mr. Louth thrives. Mr. Louth understands the rules in trials and how to preserve the record for any potential appeal if our client is convicted. There is no better way to select a trial attorney than to watch them perform in court.

Investigation Stage Before Charges are Filed

We frequently represent clients in the investigation phase before charges are ever filed. Some clients expect charges to be filed and do want want to interact with the police or detectives. We intervene on their behalf and officers cannot contact our client. Other times the individual does not expect charges to be filed but is constantly being contacted by the police and wants us to intervene. If you are contacted by police we recommend you politely decline to answer any questions until you can consult with your attorney. When clients retain us earlier in the criminal process we can ensure their rights are protected and they do not make statements that can be misconstrued and hurt their case later on.

First Degree Murder

First degree murder is a class one felony punishable by life in prison or in some instances death. First degree murder occurs when:

  • an individual, after deliberation and with intent, causes the death of another person or
  • in commission of a crime such as arson, kidnapping, burglary, sexual assault, any person is killed or
  • an individual displays extreme indifference to human life and engages in an act which creates a grave risk of death and the individual causes the death of another or
  • an individual distributes controlled substances on school grounds to someone under 18 and that individual dies as a result of the illegal drugs or
  • an individual knowingly causes the death of a child under 12 years of age and the individual holds a position of trust with respect to the victim

Second Degree Murder

Second degree murder occurs when a person knowingly causes the death of another. It differs from first degree murder in that there is no premeditation and the crimes listed to the first degree murder statue did not occur. Anyone convicted of second degree murder is facing a mandatory sixteen to forty eight years in the department of corrections.


An individual commits manslaughter when he or she recklessly causes the death of another person or if he or she intentionally aides another person to commit suicide. Manslaughter is a class four felony.

For example, suppose an individual is driving a motor vehicle. He sees a red light and decides to speed through the intersection when he collides with a truck, killing the driver. The man will be charged with manslaughter because speeding through a red light is reckless driving. He did not intend to cause a death, but his reckless actions caused someone to be killed. He consciously disregarded a substantial risk when he chose to speed through the red light.

Criminally Negligent Homicide

Any person who causes the death of another by conduct amounting to criminal negligence commits criminally negligent homicide. This is a class five felony.

Suppose an air traffic controller is guiding several planes to an airport. She has a duty to safely guide the planes back. Suppose she steps away from her desk without having someone cover her duties. While she is away two planes collide causing death to many individuals on board. She failed to exercise the standard of care a reasonable person would exercise and failed to perceive a substantial and unjustifiable risks as a result of her stepping away from her desk. She would be charged with criminal negligent homicide.

Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular homicide is a crime involving the death of a person that occurs while driving. Several factors play a huge role in the final outcome, such as whether alcohol or drugs were involved and the relationship of the victim to the driver.

Police Make Mistakes

When a murder occurs the community is shaken up and there is tremendous pressure on police to find the suspect. Sometimes this involves officers jumping to conclusions and focusing on the wrong individual. If one statement is taken out of context or one coincidence occurs, police may file charges against an innocent individual. A case may be based on DNA evidence that is misinterpreted or has a justified reason on being found. A case may be based on lies and falsehoods.

We Know How To Defend People From Homicide Charges in Colorado

We work with our clients to create a strategy going forward. Some cases we push for a plea deal that avoids lengthy mandatory minimum prison sentences and often times we take cases to jury trial. We may argue our client had a right to defend himself or herself. We review the evidence which dictates our defense.

Accidents Are Not Murder

Every tragedy is not a crime. Terrible situations occur where someone is left dead. These are horrendous circumstances that are often left to the court to figure out. We step up and take on the system and make sure people's rights are protected and our client's story comes out. If you or a loved one has been involved in a tragedy and could potentially face criminal charges call Steven Louth and his team.

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Denver Murder and Homicide Attorney Steven LouthThe criminal process can be unfair, complicated and confusing. The government has unlimited resources to employ in prosecuting a crime. They have access to DNA experts, investigators, detectives who have work assigned to them. People charged with crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty and everyone deserves to have their best defense put forward. We know the criminal justice system. We have our own resources and a team who will determine the best way to handle any pending charges. If you or a loved one is being investigated with a crime or charged with a crime involving the death of an individual, we urge you to work with an attorney at the start of the case. We work with people in all courts across Colorado with offices in Denver and Boulder. Contact our Denver criminal defense attorneys at 303-442-2297 for a free consultation.


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