Victim Services

When you are the victim of a crime, it can be hard to move past the emotional trauma and get your life back on track. It can be even more confusing dealing with the police and district attorney’s office and understanding your rights. Many victims want someone to explain the criminal justice process and be an advocate for their rights.

Domestic Violence

Mr. Louth represents many victims in domestic violence situations. Usually there was an argument that got out of hand and the police were involved. There is a mandatory arrest in the state of Colorado when the police feel there is a good chance a crime has been committed involving two partners. The spouse of the arrestee does not want the other partner to face any criminal charges. But he or she soon finds out there is little they can do to prevent the criminal case from continuing against their partner. He or she may feel statements made in the heat of the situation were taken out of context by the police and are now being used against their partner. He or she may feel the district attorney’s office is not listening to their concerns. Mr. Louth has extensive knowledge about the criminal justice system, practicing criminal law exclusively for over twenty years. He was a deputy district attorney in Boulder County and understands how the prosecution handles witnesses. Mr. Louth will listen to your concerns and go to bat for your rights.

Crimes of Violence

Unfortunately terrible things sometimes happen to good people. Being a victim of a violent crime can be a harrowing experience to say the least. Many victims feel intimidated to stand up for their rights in fear of retaliation or frustrated at the long draining process of our justice system. Mr. Louth is an advocate for victims and stands up for victims to make sure justice is served upon the perpetrator of the crime. Mr. Louth is compassionate and empathetic. He is a powerful and knowledgeable advocate who will fight for justice.

Standing between victim and DA

The district attorney’s office needs victim statements in many cases and will pursue victims to get a statement and subpoena them for trial. Many victims report feeling bullied and intimidated and do not want to cooperate with the district attorney’s office. Mr. Louth can explain your rights and how much you need to cooperate without getting in trouble yourself. Mr. Louth will stand between law enforcement and the victim, where all contact must go through our office.

If you are the victim of a crime and would like to understand your rights and find out how an attorney can help you, call the Steven Louth Law Office for a free consultation.

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