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Robbery is an extremely serious crime and can carry crippling punishments. Denver robbery attorney Steven Louth has a successful record resolving violent crime charges where our client is facing mandatory prison if convicted. Each individual case has different facts and different circumstances. We have the resources to investigate each case further than what police have done. Our investigator will interview witnesses while their memories are fresh and discover the full side of the story. We discuss each stage of the court process with our clients. We take many cases to jury trial and have a track record we are proud of.

Speak With An Attorney Immediately

Everyone has the right to remain silent. Most people think if they ask for a lawyer the police will think he or she is hiding something and they make statements. Police trick people in confessing their crimes and locking them into statements which come back to hurt the case. Protect your rights of not making any statements until consulting with an attorney. If you have been charged with a crime or police are requesting to speak with you, contact our Denver criminal defense attorneys. The earlier in the case an attorney is present the better chances there are for a successful resolution.


Robbery is a theft crime that involves the use or threat of force. Under Colorado law, a person commits robbery when a he or she knowingly takes anything of value by the use of force, threats or intimidation. Robbery is a class four felony. The courts look at the value of the item taken, the means in which it was taken, what injuries the victim sustained and if a weapon was used. For example, if a person was to walk into a store and steal a candy bar it is theft, not robbery. If the person were to grab the candy bar from the cashier and threaten to hurt them if they did not hand over the candy bar, it would constitute robbery.

Aggravated Robbery

Aggravated robbery occurs when the crime of robbery is accompanied with any of these enhancers:

  • armed with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or harm another person if resisted
  •  strikes another person with a deadly weapon
  • by use of force, threat or intimidation causes reasonable fear of death or injury to any person
  • has a accomplice who causes a reasonable fear of death or injury or wields a deadly weapon
  • possesses any weapon believed to be a deadly weapon or claims to possess a deadly weapon

Aggravated robbery is a class three felony, an extraordinary risk crime and a crime of violence under Colorado law. A conviction of aggravated robbery carries a mandatory sentence range of ten to thirty two years with five years of parole.

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Robbery charges are almost always accompanied with other charges. These are extremely serious charges that can impede upon individuals freedom and future. If you or a loved on is being investigated or has been charged with robbery contact our office. The quicker an attorney can advise you the best course of action, the better the odds for a successful resolution of the case. Steven Louth and his son Zach Louth specialize in criminal jury trials has have a great track record. We offer free initial consultations. Call us at 303-442-2297.

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