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Advancements in technology have made it easier for online predators to engage in Internet sex crimes. With the stroke of a mouse and a few clicks, sexual offenders can arrange to meet underage minors for sex, view child pornography, or lure a child into sexual danger. These crimes are very serious and are not treated lightly by law enforcement, including both state and federal agencies. As such, sting operations are often employed to catch predators in the act and bring them to justice.

Unfortunately, innocent men and women are also caught up in these traps and charged with crimes they did not commit nor intend to commit. When this occurs, you need an experienced Boulder sex crimes defense attorney on your side to fight for your rights—and your freedom.

Types of Internet Sex Crimes

There are 4 main types of Internet Sex Crimes addressed by Colorado law. These include:

  • Enticement of a Child: Inviting or persuading a child under the age of 15 to go anywhere in a vehicle or to a secluded place with the intent to have sexual contact with that child.
  • Internet Luring of a Child: Communicating electronically via computer or text with a child that is under the age of 15, with intent to engage in sexual activity
  • Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child: asking a child under the age of 15 to send sexual explicit pictures of themselves electronically, or sending sexually explicit pictures of yourself to a child. This includes Skype and sexting.
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Child: Being in possession of child pornography, preparing child pornography, or selling child pornography.

Online sting operations are increasingly common. During these operations local and federal agents pose as teens and young minors in chat rooms. They then agree to meet up at a location and time with the intent to engage in sexual activity. When the offender shows up at the meeting place, they are then arrested and charged with an Internet sex crime.

If you have been accused of an Internet sex crime and have been arrested through a sting operation, your Boulder criminal defense attorney may be able to use the defense of entrapment to have your charges reduced or even dismissed all together.

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