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In the United States, any person accused of a crime punishable by more than six months of incarceration has a right to a trial by jury, as defined in Article 3 of the United States Constitution. Most states, including Colorado, allow a trial by jury in lesser criminal matters as well. An accused has the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury.

Jury trials are sacred to the fairness of our legal system. Individuals from our community are selected to sit on a jury, and come together to decide whether the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Contrary to popular belief, the United States is no longer a jury trial system. The vast majority of cases are resolved through plea bargain. Jury trials arise because the accused is innocent of, or overcharged for his or her crimes, the evidence does not support a conviction, or a special circumstance exists in which the jury would agree the accused is not guilty.

With plea bargains resolving most cases, some criminal defense attorneys rarely, if ever, push a case to trial. It is important to have an aggressive Colorado criminal trial lawyer who has experience handling many cases, and knows when a favorable outcome in trial is likely.

Experience Means Better Representation

Mr. Louth has worked as a prosecutor and defense attorney and can accurately advise a client when securing favorable verdict in trial is likely. Mr. Louth typically has two or three jury trials each month. Some of the recent cases that have gone to trial include first degree assault, sexual assault, domestic-violence, and DUI.

One of the game-changing aspects of a jury trial is jury selection. This is not just an opportunity to eliminate unfavorable jurors from the jury pool, but to build rapport with potential jurors. Mr. Louth thrives at getting the jury to think about certain issues that will arise in the later stages of trial.

Whether or not you believe your case will proceed to trial, it is important to have an experienced and fearless criminal trial attorney on your case. If you believe your case will proceed to trial, call our office to see when Mr. Louth is in trial and feel free to come and observe what trials are like and how Mr. Louth excels in court.

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