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Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek are historic mining towns where gambling has been permitted since 1991. There are eighteen casinos in Black Hawk with some operating 24/7. Black Hawk casinos do provide alcohol to their patrons.

Black Hawk criminal defense attorney, Steven Louth, has handled a diverse array of criminal cases that originate from Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek. Police officers patrol Blackhawk's roads to ensure drivers have not consumed alcohol. Many casino patrons in Blackhawk have had a few drinks while gambling and when get pulled over are cited for driving under the influence. Mr. Louth evaluates the conduct of the officer to see if he or she had enough cause to pull the vehicle over. Mr. Louth also explains  the penalties from both criminal court and the department of motor vehicles that come with a DUI. Mr. Louth is a Gilpin County DUI Attorney with over twenty years of criminal defense experience.

Casinos and alcohol can be a volatile mix, and sometimes individuals find themselves in jail or being investigated by police. It is important to understand you do have rights and many options on how to resolve your case. If you are charged with a casino crime in Black Hawk, Central City or Cripple Creek it is important to have an experienced criminal attorney on your case.


Many other crimes do occur in Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek. An assault occurs when one party is injured. Assault cases can vary depending on the degree of assault charged. For example, third degree assault is a misdemeanor offense while second and first degree assaults are felonies, and carry mandatory prison time if convicted. Reach out to Black Hawk assault attorney Steven Louth for a free case evaluation.

Theft and Drug Offenses in Black Hawk

drug offenses black hawkEveryone makes mistakes and we are here to minimize the consequences or vigorously defend our clients when false allegations are floating around. If you have been charged with theft or drug offenses in Black Hawk, consult with Attorney Steven Louth today. Theft and drug offense offenses in Black Hawk can lead to a loss of employment and carry other major repercussion.

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Steven Louth began his career as a deputy district attorney. After eight years, he decided he was ready to go into private practice and has been handling nothing but criminal law in Black Hawk  for the last twenty years. Mr. Louth is compassionate and understands that depending on how criminal cases are resolved, it can effect the rest of our clients lives. Mr. Louth provides free consultations and can help you understand the charges and your options. If you are charged with a crime or are being investigated by police in Black Hawk, Central City or Cripple Creek, Contact Gilpin County Defense Attorney Steven Louth for a free consultation.

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