Denver Police Arrest Man in Connection with Numerous Church Burglaries

Published: April 14, 2014 в 12:38 pm


Denver police authorities have arrested a man they believe is responsible for numerous church break-ins throughout southeast Denver. The 47-year-old man was arrested in the Western Colorado town of Craig on Wednesday, April 9th and was identified as Mark Douglas Johnson. Mesa County officials alerted the police that a man was driving a car with stolen license plates. The officers found the car parked, but no one inside of it. They kept the car under surveillance until they saw Johnson get in the car to drive away. It was then that they arrested him and realized who he was.

Denver police officials believe that Johnson is the man behind a series of church burglaries including the Korean Christian Church at 1495 S. University Blvd and numerous churches in District 3. The suspect responsible for the Korean Christian Church burglary was captured on a surveillance camera while stealing a bass amplifier from the church. In other churches, iPods, computers, cash boxes, and sound equipment was stolen.

At the moment, Johnson is being held in the Moffat County Jail and being charged with burglary, possession of dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia, receiving stolen property, driving on a suspended license, and failure to appear in El Paso County court. He has a long criminal history that spans three decades and includes previous arrests for burglary, motor vehicle theft, sexual assault on a child, and forgery.

Burglary in Colorado with Little Tolerance

Burglary is a very serious criminal offense and state prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions—even with little evidence. If you are convicted of burglary, you face serious penalties and consequences, including a felony conviction on your record and up to 24 years in state prison. The circumstances surrounding your burglary will determine the severity of the penalties. If you used a deadly weapon in the burglary, if you broke into an occupied home, if you harmed another person, or if you intended to harm another person, you could face serious and enhanced penalties.
No matter how hopeless it seems, it is important to speak to an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney. There are ways to fight these serious charges—and win!

Denver Burglary Defense Attorney

Denver Criminal Defense AttorneySteven Louth has successfully represented individuals who have been accused of burglary in Denver and throughout Colorado. He understands that your future and freedom are at stake, and as such; he is always ready to fight the tough fight.
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