Colorado’s R-U Buzzed App is a Big Hit

Published: October 30, 2015 в 5:29 pm


Colorado's R-U Buzzed App is a Big HitWhen safety officials in Colorado were charged with decreasing the number of drunk drivers on the road – the “R-U Buzzed” app was created. Based on a person’s weight and gender, the program will estimate your BAC when you put in how many drinks you consumed and the time that has elapsed since you had them. This free app is just one way Colorado is trying to decrease drunk driving accidents and fatalities. Since its launch in 2009, more than 400,000 people have downloaded the app.

Other States Using Similar Apps in an Effort to Decrease DUI Arrests

No matter how scary the drunk driving statistics are, driving under the influence continues to be a major problem across the nation. More and more states are implementing the R-U Buzzed app in an effort to curb impaired driving, hoping American’s fascination with technology will work in their favor. Technology helps us stay connected, keeping us informed, organized and entertained, so the hope is that R-U Buzzed apps—as well as similar apps—can somehow convince people they are more impaired than they realize. This realization will, hopefully, stop them from getting behind the wheel of their automobile after having one too many.

A similar Maryland app, called ENDUI, also includes games users can play which test response times and gauge levels of impairment. The app also has features, which allow the user to quickly dial a cab company, or preselected friend for a ride after drinking. Drivers who see other drivers on the road who appear to be impaired can also report those drivers quickly, using the app. New York City uses an app called YoutheMan. This app identifies the closest car services, making it useful even for tourists or pedestrians when no alcohol is involved. While apps like these can be very useful, it is important to realize they are only guides, and should not be used exclusively to decide whether to drive after a night of drinking. None of the apps take into consideration medications being taken by the user, how much the person has had to eat before drinking or the user’s individual metabolism.

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Colorado DUI Statistics

As many as one in three Colorado drivers arrested for DUI have been previously arrested for the same offense, according to the Denver Post. Colorado is one of only four states in the U.S., which has no felony DUI offense, although the issue is routinely raised in the legislature. Lawmakers have taken steps to stop first-offender plea bargains for DUI charges and to increase jail sentences for those convicted of DUI in the state. If you have ever wondered whether you are too impaired to drive, download the R-U Buzzed app and pay attention if the results say you should not get behind the wheel.

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