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Denver Criminal Defense Attorney- Steven LouthSteven Louth Law Offices is a criminal defense law firm based in Denver and serving the state of Colorado. Our criminal defense attorneys, Steven Louth and Zach Louth are a father and son tame who handle all felony and misdemeanor criminal matters, including DUI, domestic violence,drug crimes, sex assaults and all violent crimes. Steven Louth has over 25 years experience exclusively dedicating his focus to criminal law and he takes many of his cases to jury trial.  Working with our clients to minimize the personal and professional damage that can come from an arrest is our first goal.  Knowing the Colorado justice system, we work hard to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.  For a free consultation, reach out to our attorneys and for current criminal defense information, check out our Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Blog.

Experience Matters

Starting his career as the Deputy District Attorney for Boulder County for 8 years, Steven Louth has prosecuted a wide range of cases throughout his tenure, focusing on felony cases such as sex assaults, assaults, vehicular homicides and murder cases. Mr. Louth opened his own private practice after leaving the DA's office in 1996.  For the last 17 years, he has been helping individuals across Colorado move on and reclaim their lives after criminal charges. Zach Louth has worked with Steve for the last four years where he has won multiple jury trial acquittals for his clients and has successfully appealed several cases. To read more about our most recent victories go here.

Trial Experience Is Crucial

We look at each new case from the perspective of what would happen if a jury from our community heard the facts. Many of our clients feel the police and witnesses are misstating their recollection of the events surrounding the alleged crime and the criminal charges are blown out of proportion or in some cases completely false. If Mr. Louth is unable to get the case dismissed or work out a favorable plea deal prior to trial, he will accurately present your side of the story to a jury. Throughout his career Mr. Louth has obtained hundreds of acquittals for his clients and potential clients are always welcome to watch Mr. Louth conduct a jury trial.

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We provide free consultations to listen to your specific case and to make sure we are able to help. We answer all your initial questions and explain the direction your case is headed. We want our clients to feel comfortable with an attorney they hire and we encourage potential clients to watch Mr. Louth in trial and ask about previous cases we have handled of the same nature. Contact Steven Louth Law Offices for a free case evaluation.

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