Denver FBI Arrests ‘Scream Robber’

Published: February 20, 2016 в 10:21 pm


Scream Robber Myloh Jaqory MasonIn January, the one remaining suspect wanted in connection to a violent crime spree in Lakewood was apprehended in Thornton.

The FBI reports that ‘Scream Robber’ Myloh Jaqory Mason, the last of the “Scream” bank robbery suspects, was arrested by the FBI’s Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force (RMSSTF) at a Motel 6 in the vicinity of I-25 and 84th Avenue.

Officials with the FBI Denver Division report that Mason was a dangerous felon capable of continuing to commit violent crimes even while he was on the run. They believe the community is safer after Mason’s capture. FBI Denver Division Special Agent in Charge Thomas Ravenelle thanked each member of his team for their hard work and dedication toward apprehending Mason.

Mason is thought to have participated in at least two bank robberies last fall. The first of which happened on September 30. According to RMSSTF officials, Mason and two other individuals robbed the bank at gunpoint while donning masks like those from the movie “Scream.” Tellers opened the vault for the suspects after their lives were threatened.

According to agents, the second bank robbery took place on November 18 where Mason and two other suspects wore bright green and skeleton masks as they took over the bank. The suspects allegedly coerced tellers into opening the vault and got away with $50,822. They also allegedly stole a vehicle and shot two bystanders as they escaped.

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One of the suspects, Miguel Sanders, was apprehended that day after he was discovered hiding under a school bus. Outsider tips led to the arrest of the second suspect, Tyron Richardson, a few days later.

Mason was placed on the FBI Ten Most Wanted list on December 17 and a $100,000 reward was offered to anyone who could furnish information on his location. According to FBI sources, it was “good ol’ fashioned police work” that led to Mason’s capture.

On the day of Mason’s capture, SWAT surrounded the motel, evacuated the building and then used a loud speaker to call out to Mason. He was ordered to come out with his hands up and did so, according to the FBI.

Mason was arrested on charges of aggravated robbery, attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree kidnapping, first-degree assault, and second-degree assault in Jefferson County’s First Judicial District. Additionally, Mason faces a federal charge over possession of a ballistic vest.

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