Domestic Violence Allegations and the NFL

Published: November 27, 2015 в 9:44 pm


Recently, released photographs of Nicole Holder, ex-girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys defensive end, Greg Hardy. The pictures are reportedly evidence of injuries sustained after Hardy attacked Holder in 2014. They were used in a bench trial in the wake of domestic violence allegations stemming from an incident involving the couple.

Last summer, Hardy was convicted of those charges. They were dropped, however, on appeal in February when Holder quit working with prosecutors.

The photographs depict considerable bruising on Holder’s neck, back, and legs. It was substantiated by Ian Rapoport, NFL Media Insider that the pictures released by were among those looked at by the NFL as part of its inquiry. That probe led to the 10-game suspension exacted against Hardy by the NFL in April 2015. Later, following an appeal by the NFL Players Association, an arbitrator cut the suspension to four games. In May 2014, Hardy was arrested on the two misdemeanor charges of assault on a woman and communicating threats.

According to the NFL Insider, Hardy informed league officials that he was not responsible for the episode involving Holder. Hardy says, rather, it was Holden who attacked him and he was merely defending himself. She was intoxicated, and consequently fell down.

Although the Cowboys were not permitted to see the pictures prior to signing Hardy to a one-year contract in March, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did say the organization is aware of the gravity of the situation. Jones says he knew there would be some disapproval when the Cowboys signed Hardy. He emphasized that the organization does not condone domestic violence, and entered into the agreement as a means of giving Hardy a second chance.

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Lately, we are seeing more and more high-profile domestic violence stories splashed across the headlines. The charge of domestic violence is very serious and can carry with it a stigma that will impact the accused for the rest of their life- whether they are a celebrity or not. Rest assured, prosecutors have taken note of this and will be working diligently to secure convictions.

The public typically pictures the battered girlfriend or wife based on images presented by the media. The truth, however, is never quite that simple. Allegations of domestic violence can affect women and men of all ages, races, professions, and walks of life.

The frustrating part about a domestic violence offense is that it is a crime frequently based on the accusations of one person who is angry with another, and determined to exact revenge.

There are no real safeguards in place to protect innocent people from being accused of something they didn’t do. Whoever places the 911 call will usually be named the victim, meaning if you didn’t make the call, you will most likely be arrested. Once the police arrive on the scene of alleged domestic violence, their primary goal is to make an arrest, and the prosecutor’s priority is to get some type of conviction.

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