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Douglas County is home to the cities of Aurora, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Lake Spur, Littleton (partially), Lone Tree and Parker.  Douglas County is a beautiful area to live, work and play. Douglas County's terrain is covered with pines, mesas and small streams and offers residents and visitors great recreation activities throughout the year. According to the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce, over 82,000 individuals are employed within Douglas County. Douglas County is one of the most affluent counties in the United States, with a median household income of $94,900. Douglas County is also the sixteenth fastest growing county in the United States.  Between 2000 and 2010, the Douglas County population grew over 62%. The Douglas County Courthouse is located at 4000 Justice Way, Castle Rock, CO. The Douglas County Court clerk can be reached at (720) 437-6200, or accessed online at

It is a frantic moment when an individual is arrested or charged with a crime. Alleged crimes sound serious, and individuals are often unsure of what the punishment can be. Many of our clients are frustrated the police officers have wrong statements in their reports and did not listen or even ask for their side of the story. After being released from jail, a court appearance is scheduled. People are unsure of what will happen and do not know what to say at that court appearance. Most individuals are concerned about their jobs and careers. These are the initial fears that most of our clients face.

Steven Louth is a criminal defense attorney who represents people in Douglas County charged with crimes. He began his career as a deputy district attorney, before switching to the defense side and starting his private practice. Mr. Louth has practiced nothing but criminal law for 25 years and knows exactly how the Douglas County criminal justice system works. Mr. Louth provides free consultations where he explains what the charges mean, what penalties they carry and where he sees your case going. He will listen to your concerns and seek to minimize professional and personal consequences that result from an arrest. All of our clients leave our office with a full understanding of the judicial process and every client leaves less stressed.

Douglas County Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Louth practices all areas of criminal law including:

If you have been charged with a crime or police want to speak with you contact Douglas County Criminal Defense Lawyer Steven Louth for a free consultation. Mr. Louth knows the Colorado criminal justice system and will be more than happy to answer your initial questions during this free consultation.

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