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Eagle County was formed 1883 and named after the Eagle River which runs throughout Eagle County. Eagle County is home to the cities and towns of Avon, Basalt, Eagle, Edwards and Vail. More than 52,190 individuals reside within Eagle County. Eagle County is home to the world renowned Vail Ski Resorts. Every year, thousands of people all over the world come to ski Vail in the winter, and hike and bike Vail in the summer. Vail is one of the world's greatest ski towns. The Eagle County courthouse is located at 0020 Eagle County Drive, Carbondale, CO and the clerk can be reached via phone at 970-704-2740.

It is a difficult situation when police want to talk or have placed you under arrest. It is an extremely uncertain and stressful period of time for every client we represent. Having your initial questions and concerns answered and understanding what will happen is essential to getting through this difficult period. It is also important to find an attorney who has experience in Eagle County who knows the Colorado laws and can give you an idea the direction your case is headed.

Eagle County Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Louth has twenty five years of experience practicing criminal defense. He devotes his focus to criminal defense. He began his career as a prosecutor, serving as a deputy district attorney for eight years before starting his private practice. Mr. Louth frequently handles criminal cases in Eagle County. Recently, he took a case to jury trial that involved a young woman bumping a man with her car and she was charged with reckless endangerment. She was pulling into a parking spot when a unknown male came running in front of her blocking the space. He ripped his shirt off and yelled at her, stating she was taking his space. At this point our client wanted to get out of the situation and went to back up. The male followed her and when she pulled forward she grazed his leg with the car, and the male ran and called the police. The jury returned a not guilty verdict after only a couple hours. Mr. Louth understands the Eagle County Justice system and the municipal code. If you are contacted by police or facing charges, contact Mr. Louth who can explain the Eagle County judicial process and answer your initial questions with a free consultation. Mr. Louth also handles cases for those who are vacationing in Colorado at the time of their arrest and wish to make a minimal amount of court appearances. If you are out-of state and find yourself dealing with the police, call Mr. Louth to find out how he can minimize the financial and emotional burden.

Eagle County Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Louth practices in all areas of criminal law including:

If you have been charged with a crime or police want to speak with you contact Eagle County Criminal Defense Lawyer Steven Louth for a free consultation. He serves entire Eagle County, including the city of Vail.

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