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Are you arrested or are you under investigation for any crime? Are you in need of the best criminal defense attorney? Then you have got us back- Steven Louth Criminal Defense Law Firm. We ensure to immediately protect your legal rights and freedom. We are the experienced criminal defense attorneys that you need to safeguard yourself from the criminal charges imposed on you.

When confronted with serious accusations, penalties, or sentencing imprisonment, you need the best criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court. All criminal cases are different in their own way, so the primary thing a criminal defense attorney can determine is what contentions and factors should be used to remove or reduce the charges concerning the alleged crime. With years of experience in dealing with criminal cases, Steven Louth provides an experienced criminal defense attorney in Erie, Colorado.

Erie is one of the young yet fastest growing towns in Weld and Boulder counties, Colorado, US. It is a highly desirable community that offers the best family-oriented recreations facilities. Also, Erie is most preferred by new home buyers as it is centrally located to north Downtown Denver, just east to Boulder County, and South to Longmont. Erie, Colorado is also considered as a comparatively safest town as the chance of being a victim is 1 in 1073 and 1 in 92 of violent crime and property crime respectively. However, when you are your loved ones are involved in crime, you need the top criminal defense lawyer- that is where we come in.

At Steven Louth Law Firm in Erie, CO, we provide the best criminal defense lawyer who can negotiate a deal or plea bargain with the prosecutor. Additionally, in some cases, our experienced lawyers will not only reduce your sentence but possibly eliminate charges against you. Even if the court finds you guilty of the crime, our criminal defense attorney will be able to negotiate lesser time served.

While handling your case, Steven Louth Law firm’s criminal defense lawyer can advise the best possible way to go in order to reduce your sentence or penalty. We strive hard to protect your rights right from your first hearing and trial to sentencing. Contact us right now for trusted lawyer assistance in Erie, Colorado.

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