Can I be Charged with a Felony DUI in Colorado?

Published: October 15, 2019 в 10:00 am


booze and car keys | felony dui charge in coloradoIf you choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while you are intoxicated, you could face serious and lifelong penalties. While getting arrested and charged with a DUI is a serious offense, the majority of those offenses are misdemeanors. If your DUI resulted in an accident that caused serious bodily injury to another person, you could find yourself facing felony DUI charges, vehicular assault, or vehicular manslaughter.

Police officials and prosecutors do not tolerate driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and they will not hesitate to seek the maximum penalties. If your DUI caused serious bodily injury or death to another person, you will need an experienced DUI defense attorney on your side from the moment you are arrested.

It is important to note that there are other ways to be charged with a felony after a DUI in Colorado. If you have a long history of prior DUI convictions, if there was a minor in the car at the time of the incident, or if you caused major property damage, the prosecution could choose to charge you with a felony DUI offense. Learn more about felony DUI charge in Colorado below.

Defending Serious Felony Charges after DUI

Even when the evidence is stacked against you, there are still ways to beat these serious charges. Your DUI defense attorney can review the prosecution’s evidence and expose the weaknesses in their case against you.

Perhaps the Breathalyzer wasn’t calibrated properly. Perhaps the blood sample was tainted or drawn hours after your arrest. Perhaps the police violated your rights or failed to allow you to speak with an attorney.

No matter how hopeless it seems there are ways to defend against these serious charges. Your attorney can even negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution to order to reduce your sentence to a lesser misdemeanor offense, such as reckless driving.

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Steven Louth Law OfficesIf you or a loved one have been charged with driving under the influence in Boulder County, it is important that you speak with a Boulder DUI attorney to mitigate the consequences. Steven Louth is a DUI lawyer who handles the administrative consequences of a DUI as well as the criminal charge itself. When it comes to DUI charges, never assume the worst; Mr. Louth has the experience to look after you and help you put these charges behind you. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better your memory of the events will be. Steven can look at all the details of the traffic stop and petition to have the evidence suppressed. You never have to face any criminal charges alone; for more information and a free consultation contact Steven Louth at (303) 442-2297, or fill out the contact form on this page. 

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