Gilpin County Criminal Defense

Gilpin County is comprised of the cities of Black Hawk, Central City, Nevadaville, Rollinsville and Russell Gulch. Gilpin County is the second to last county by population of the 64 counties in Colorado, with a population of 4,800 according to the 2000 census. Despite its small number of residents, individuals from all over Colorado visit Gilpin County for its history, casinos and beautiful scenery. The Gilpin County courthouse is located at 2960 Dory Hill Road, Black Hawk, CO and the clerk of the court can be reached at (303) 582-5522.

Casinos, alcohol and a party, carefree type environment can lead to individuals engaging in behavior that constitutes a crime. Gilpin County enforces strict DUI laws, casinos watch for theft and individuals can find themselves being questions by police officers or under arrest. Being arrested is a difficult and stressful situation. Individuals feel powerless and uncertain about the future and wants answers to all their questions and concerns.

Steven Louth is a criminal defense attorney who frequently practices in Gilpin County. Mr. Louth began his career as a deputy district attorney and after serving eight years began his private practice. Mr. Louth exclusively practices criminal defense and understands the Colorado laws as well as the Gilpin County municipal code. Mr. Louth is a compassionate and caring individual and knows the resolution of a criminal case can follow you around for your entire life. He dedicates the time to understand your concerns and help you move on with the least amount of professional, personal and emotional damage.

Gilpin County Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Louth practices in all areas of criminal law including:

Mr. Louth handles cases throughout Gilpin County. If you are being charged with a crime or have come in contact with the police in Black Hawk or Central City and need a Gilpin County Criminal Defense Attorney, contact the Law Office of Steven Louth. Mr. Louth provides free consultations and will answer all your initial questions and concerns. Mr. Louth has handled thousands of criminal cases of his career which allows him to see the direction your case is heading and what type of outcome you are facing.

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