How to Hire a Sexual Assault Criminal Defense Attorney

Published: September 9, 2014 в 9:51 pm


Man-in-Cuffs-with-copIf you have been charged with sexual assault in the state of Colorado, you should be prepared for a serious legal battle. Prosecutors typically consider sexual assault crimes atrocious, and they will waste no time seeking a conviction and stiff penalties. Aside from a potential jail sentence, steep fines and fees, a lifetime of probation supervision and sex offender treatment, you could also face a lifetime of being required to register as a sex offender.

Charges for sex crimes also bring an additional stigma that many other criminal offenses do not, and such charges can be truly life-altering. In many situations, an alleged victim may make false allegations, making it that much more important to have an experienced Boulder criminal defense attorney by your side from the moment you are charged. Hiring an attorney who will work aggressively to ensure the best possible outcome on your behalf is no small matter. It is important that you consider your choice carefully, based on a number of factors. Some things to consider include:

  • First and foremost, don’t talk with the police without an attorney present—and don’t wait, hoping the charges will miraculously go away. They won’t, and you will have wasted valuable time—time your attorney could have used to help build a solid defense on your behalf.
  • While you need a criminal defense attorney who is skilled in sex assault crimes as quickly as possible, avoid making the mistake of rushing into hiring an attorney. Your opponent in your case will likely be a prosecutor who routinely handles sexual abuse cases, meaning unless you hire an equally experienced attorney, you will be at a distinct disadvantage. Sex assault cases are unique, and require proven defense strategies.
  • When you are speaking to potential attorneys, you will want to determine which ones understand the importance of mounting an aggressive defense. Your attorney must be a confident, experienced litigator who has the confidence to cross-examine witnesses and attack the state’s case against you.
  • Although our Constitution states you are innocent until proven guilty, an experienced sexual assault attorney understands that, as a practical matter, he or she must combat the prejudices and biases which characterize any type of sex crime charges. In sex crimes cases, there exists a perception that the person accused of such a crime is guilty until proven innocent.
  • Skilled, knowledgeable sex crime attorneys also understand that the system may be unfairly stacked with heavy-handed police officers and over-zealous state prosecutors.
  • Following charges of sexual assault, you may find the wheels of justice turning extremely slowly, leaving your life in disarray. You need an attorney who will use this time to strengthen your case by closely monitoring the state’s progress and staying in touch with the prosecutor as well as gathering crucial evidence which can potentially exonerate you.
  • To assist your attorney in your defense, construct a timeline with as many details as possible regarding the accusations against you. Compile a witness list to give to your attorney which includes names, addresses, phone numbers, places of employment and a brief biography—anything which could be helpful to your attorney.
  • Most importantly, watch what you say to others very carefully while your attorney is building your case. In many cases, those charged with a sex crime inadvertently turn into their own worst enemy.

If you have been arrested for sexual assault, your mind is likely reeling with the implications of those charges. You are likely feeling anxious, intimidated and scared, and the very best way to alleviate those fears is to speak to a knowledgeable Colorado sexual assault attorney.

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Those accused of sexual assault need an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer on their side from the beginning.

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