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dsc_7554squaresmBoulder criminal defense attorney Steven Louth is a former Deputy District Attorney for Boulder County. His law practice is exclusively focused on criminal defense. Mr. Louth is an experienced lawyer who truly believes that people charged with crimes in Colorado deserve a legitimate defense.

With law offices in Boulder and Denver, and legal staff available across the Front Range, attorney Steven Louth and his law firm have the resources to aggressively defend misdemeanor and felony cases including DUI, Domestic Violence, Assault, Sexual Assault and Drug cases. Mr. Louth and his attorneys can help those who have been charged with crimes minimize the amount of personal and professional damage that may come as a consequence of a conviction. Retain experienced legal counsel. Reach out to Mr. Louth today for a FREE case consultation. Simply call (303) 442-2297. And for up-to-date criminal defense information, read our Criminal Defense Blog.


Attorney Steven Louth has over 25 years of legal experience, including serving as the Deputy District Attorney for Boulder County for 8 years. Experience does matter! Put our Boulder law firm's criminal defense resources on your side. We may be able to reduce the charges that have been brought against you or in some cases have them dismissed entirely. We understand that people make mistakes. Let attorney Steven Louth and his team work to minimize the damage. Read about our most recent victories and Contact our lawyers today!

We Also Serve Criminal Defense Clients in Denver, CO

If you have been charged with a crime in Denver, whether it be a misdemeanor, felony, domestic violence, drug possession, or other criminal defense matter, and require the assistance of a Denver criminal defense attorney, our legal team would be happy to meet with you at our law firm's Denver satellite office. Simply call (303) 442-2297 to arrange your consultation now.

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