Colorado Springs Car Chase Results with Juveniles in Custody

Published: September 15, 2018 в 10:55 pm


Earlier in August, a car chase started near North Academy Boulevard and Vickers Drive when Colorado State Patrol troopers noticed a group of juvenile suspects in a stolen pickup truck. The chase ended when troopers used the PIT maneuver, but the juveniles took off on foot into a nearby neighborhood. The Colorado Springs neighborhood was blocked off while officers and a K-9 unit were brought into the neighborhood to apprehend the suspects. Officers suspect that this group of juveniles was also responsible for stealing items out of locked cars in the neighborhood for quite some time. The whole affair ended with the juveniles in custody but their names were not released to the public because of their ages.

Juvenile Crime Can Wreck Future

Many people believe that juveniles who are arrested do not face serious and lifelong consequences. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Although the Colorado criminal law focuses more on rehabilitating juveniles, there can be long-term consequences if a minor is convicted of a crime.  If a juvenile is prosecuted as an adult, for example, they could even receive a life sentence. In order to be tried in court as an adult, a minor must be at least 16-years-old.

The majority of children, however, will be released to their parents after they’re arrested and a jury trial is not required. In some cases, however, a trial court can grant a jury trial – especially in cases that involve felony offenses. Generally, juvenile trials are done by a juvenile judge who will then determine the punishment for their offense.

Punishment for juvenile offenses can range greatly depending on the crime, the juvenile’s criminal history, and the age of the juvenile at the time of the arrest. Some of the potential options for sentencing minors includes:

  • Placement with a suitable relative
  • Department of youth corrections
  • Probation
  • 45 days detention
  • Fines
  • Placement with the Department of Human Services
  • Placement in hospital or mental institution
  • Restitution to the victim

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According to Colorado law, a juvenile must be sentenced if they’ve been involved in a juvenile crime at least 2 times or if their probation was revoked in any way.

In addition to the real legal consequences, juveniles who have been arrested will now have a criminal record. That record can follow them throughout their lives, affecting their ability to obtain employment, get housing, or even secure an education.

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