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Are you looking for the best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Lafayette, CO? Steven Louth Law firm is right here for you. We know it feels devastating to have criminal charges on you or your loved ones. Don’t worry, we can help you to get rid of the criminal charges that are imposed on you with our experienced lawyer services. No matter what the case is, or what the crime is, you have got our back.

Most courts dealing with criminal cases have hectic legal procedures and rigid deadlines that can consume a lot of your personal life. Therefore, having the powerful assistance of a top attorney will help you handle criminal charges better. When you choose an experienced lawyer who knows how the judicial system works, you are more likely to win a plea. Steven Louth Law Offices is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Lafayette that you need.
The city of Lafayette, Colorado is one of the most affordable places to live in Boulder County making it a desirable city to live in. According to recent projections of the census, Lafayette has a current population of 35,964 people. When calculated annually, the crime rate in Lafayette, Colorado for violent crime is 11.4 and property crime is around 31.2. However, Lafayette was considered as 15th safest college town in the United States.

Although there are a lot of Criminal Defense Law Firms in Lafayette, there are so many reasons why you should choose Steven Louth’s law offices as your criminal defense lawyer. Steven Louth’s office has the best lawyers- Steven Louth, Zachary Louth, and Tyler Louth. They are top attorneys with a successful criminal defense attorney track record. With over 25 years of experience as the best attorney in Lafayette, CO, Steven Louth has a great relationship with prosecutors that will later help in negotiating law enforcement. As we practice law in locals of Lafayette, we are aware of the tactics we should use for a particular judge while defending against your accusation. If you choose us, you get a trusted lawyer.

You almost win half of your case when you choose the best criminal defense lawyer -Steven Louth.

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