Lakewood Municipal Code Title 9 Article IX

IX. Provisions Applicable to Offenses Generally
9.90.010 Affirmative defenses
The affirmative defenses available in Section 18-1-701 through 18-1-709, C.R.S. shall be available as affirmative defenses to prosecutions in the municipal court under those provisions covered by this title. (Ord. O-87-27 § 16, 1987; Ord. O-74-1 § 1 (part), 1974).


9.92.010 Legislative intent and construction
It is the intent and purpose of this title not to cover and include those offenses which are felonies under the Colorado Revised Statutes and this title shall be so construed notwithstanding any language contained in the same which might otherwise be construed to the contrary. (Ord. O-87-27 § 17, 1987; Ord. O-74-1 § 1 (part), 1974).


9.92.020 Purpose of title, statutory construction
With the exception of Chapter 9.02 and Chapter 9.85, it is the intent and purpose of this title to criminalize the conduct set forth in Title 9. The provisions in Title 9 that are similar to conduct that has been designated as a criminal offense under the Colorado Criminal Code, Title 18 C.R.S., shall constitute unlawful conduct under the Lakewood Municipal Code. Unless otherwise stated by a specific provision within Title 9, upon conviction such conduct shall be punished as specified in Section 1.16.020. Ord. O-2004-35 § 9, 2004;


9.92.030 Place of trial
Any act prohibited by Title 9 may be deemed to have occurred or to have been committed at the place at which the writing, telephone call, electronic mail, or other electronic communication was either made or received. (Ord O-2004-35 § 10, 2004).


9.94.010 Definitions

Terms used in this title shall be as defined in Title 18, Colorado Revised Statutes 1973, as amended. Terms not defined in Title 18 shall be as otherwise defined in this code, and if not herein defined, shall be construed as being used in their ordinary, usual and accepted sense and meaning. (Ord. O-77-16 § 7, 1977; Ord. O-74-1 § 1 (part), 1974).

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