Should Mark Wahlberg be Pardoned?

Published: December 30, 2014 в 12:22 am


In 1988, actor Mark Wahlberg– then 16 years old- was charged with attempted murder after severely injuring one man and punching another while trying to steal beer. He pleaded guilty to assault and was given a three month jail sentence, of which he served 45 days. In November 2014, Wahlberg submitted an application in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts petitioning for a full and unconditional pardon.

Since his conviction, Wahlberg has become a successful, responsible adult. He is married with four children, and is actively involved in civic volunteer work. In 2001, he founded the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation to raise and distribute funds to youth service and enrichment programs. He is also active with the Good Sheperd Center for Homeless Women and Children.

Wahlberg has stated that he is requesting the pardon because he has turned his life around, and now considers himself a role model for young people. With very limited exceptions, convicted felons are not allowed to vote, own firearms, or serve on a jury. Wahlberg’s conviction prevents him from purchasing a liquor license for his chain of restaurants and enlisting as a reserve police officer.

Benefits of Having a Felony Conviction Expunged

A criminal conviction can bar you from career advancement, renting an apartment, being granted citizenship, or adopting a child. Furthermore, your criminal record will be called into question if you are involved in legal proceedings in any capacity- even as a witness.

It is not uncommon for felons to have their criminal convictions expunged from their records; however, the laws for doing so vary among the states. Many states permit individuals to expunge, seal, or otherwise hide your criminal record. If you are a former juvenile offender, you may be able to have your juvenile court record expunged, as well. Doing so will allow you to legally tell potential employers, or anyone else who may ask, that you have never been charged or convicted of a crime. Generally, when a criminal record is expunged, it’s as if the crime never occurred.

To initiate the expungement process, you will need to submit a petition with the court that handled your case. Often a court will provide forms, with instructions, for you to complete. There is usually a fee and you may be required to notify certain people of your intent. A qualified criminal defense attorney can assist you with the details.

Expungement of a criminal conviction is an excellent way to put the past behind you and close a chapter on a mistake from your past. While it does not magically erase the past, it can nurture a feeling of redemption.

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