What is Obstructing Justice?

Published: April 4, 2014 в 6:13 pm


If you have been arrested and charged with obstructing justice, you may not even be aware of the severity of this crime. Many defendants don’t even understand why they were even arrested for obstructing justice in the first place. It is important to know, however, that you can be arrested for obstructing justice for any action that interferes with police duty. You can also be arrested for failing to act to help police officials do their duty.

Common Obstructing Justice Practices

There are many examples of obstructing justice, but the most common ones include:

  • Resisting an officer or an arrest
  • Possessing a handcuff key unlawfully
  • Stealing a police car or police radio
  • Refusing to assist prison officers in arresting escaped convicts
  • Falsely impersonating an officer
  • Refusing to aid peace officers
  • Using police lights unlawfully
  • Unlawful use of police badges
  • Aiding an escape
  • Conveying tools into jail to help a convict escape
  • Compounding a felony
  • Interference with government radio frequencies
  • Using police communication devices unlawfully
  • Publishing names and addresses of law enforcement officials
  • Fleeing a police officer
  • Depriving crime victim of medical aide
  • Bail bond jumping
  • Perjury
  • Bribing a judge
  • Threatening a witness
  • Violation of probation
  • Harassing neighborhood watch participants
  • Hurting or confiscating a police animal
  • And more

These actions can range from misdemeanor offenses to more serious felony offenses and the consequences range drastically. If you are convicted of this crime, you could serve a lengthy prison sentence, especially in situations where injuries were concerned.

Unfortunately, state prosecutors often charge defendants with obstructing justice when there just isn’t enough evidence to obtain a different conviction. When a criminal case is thin, and evidence is scarce, defendants may find themselves facing obstructing justice charges—with little cause. When this occurs, you need an experienced and skilled Denver criminal defense lawyer on your side.
Your Denver criminal defense attorney will need to build a solid defense against these serious charges and expose the holes in the prosecution’s case. With the right defense, you can beat these charges and keep your record clean. Denver criminal defense lawyer Steven Louth has successfully represented accused individuals in Denver and throughout Colorado. He understands that your future and your freedom are at stake, and as such; he is always ready to fight the tough fight.

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