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PoliceTstopAccording to the Denver Post, police in the Denver area are searching for a young man who they believe robbed an antique store along South Broadway in Denver. The young man, who police believe may have been as young as twelve, used a gun in an attempt to rob the cashier at the store. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the number of juvenile arrests in the year 2009, which was just under 2 million nationwide, had declined about 17% since the year 2000. While there will always be juvenile crime, a decreasing number of juvenile arrests is a very encouraging statistic. It also may be encouraging that the majority of arrests appear not to be for violent crime.

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The article in the Post included a description of the robber, asking for help from the public in identifying him. Unfortunately, the description given is extremely vague, and could probably apply to hundreds, if not thousands of young men in the Denver Metro area. Additionally, it is important to remember, particularly if your own son or daughter has gotten in trouble, that dealing with juveniles who have been charged with crimes is quite different from dealing with adults. An experienced Denver criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience working with juvenile cases can make a tremendous difference in the outcome, which can seriously impact your child's future.

Denver Criminal Defense AttorneyCall the Denver juvenile criminal defense attorneys at Steven Louth Law Offices immediately if your juvenile child has been accused of a crime. Steve has worked with numerous families to get the best possible outcome from juvenile criminal charges. There are many factors to consider with juveniles, including whether the person will be charged as an adult or as a juvenile. A juvenile criminal conviction can be a very difficult thing for a child to overcome after turning eighteen and becoming a legal adult. The experience of Steven Louth Law Offices can help with every step of the criminal justice process, including potentially sealing the arrest record. Of all the people involved in the criminal justice process, only your attorney is specifically charged with aggressively protecting your fmaily's rights, and your child's future. For more information and a FREE CASE EVALUATION, contact Steven Louth Law Offices today at (303)442-2297.

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