Prosecuting Child Sex Assault in Boulder

Published: February 13, 2018 в 10:59 pm


handcuffed prisoner behind bars | Child Sex Assault in BoulderBoulder is a beautiful community located just 25 miles northeast of Denver at the base of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. It was voted as one of the best and most secure places to live in all of the United States. Yet despite its beauty, there is a darkness. According to the District Attorney’s Office, more than 50 cases of child sex assault in Boulder County have been prosecuted in the last three years alone. While this number may seem shocking, it represents just a fraction of the number of children that are actually being sexually abused. After all, the majority of child sexual assault cases go unreported every single year.

Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett believes that these numbers are higher than in other jurisdictions and they seem to be increasing. His office prosecuted 42 cases of child sexual assault in 2015, 52 in 2016, and 57 in 2017.

Sadly, it is estimated that one in 10 children will become victims of sexual assault before they turn 18. Only about 38% of child sexual assault cases are ever reported because children often feel that they won’t be believed or that they somehow are responsible for the abuse. It is estimated that 90% of sexual assaults against children are committed by family members or someone they love. This makes it difficult for children to come forward and accuse their attackers. When they do finally come forward, they are not always believed. In fact, victim blaming is strong in families, especially where other family members are being accused of assault.

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Being Accused of Child Sexual Assault in Denver is Serious

Even a mere accusation of child sexual assault can destroy your life. Being arrested and charged with child sex assault can destroy your reputation, ruin your relationships, damage child custody, and result in the loss of your job. If you have been arrested for child sex assault, it is important that you understand the seriousness of this crime and the consequences.

Colorado Statute § 18-3-405 addresses the crime of sexual assault on a child. Sexual assault on a child is at least a class 4 felony, but can be escalated to a class 3 felony. If convicted, you will be required to register as a sex offender for the remainder of your life. In addition, you will likely face a minimum of 2-6 years in prison, but with the possibility of life in prison. There is also a probation sentence of at least 20 years to life.

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