Should Sober Drivers Challenge DUI Checkpoints?

Published: March 16, 2015 в 11:41 pm


Sober Drivers Challenge DUI Checkpoints?As motorists, we’ve all been through them from time to time- random sobriety checkpoints. And, as long as you are sober, you have probably never thought twice about showing the proper credentials, answering the officer’s questions, and moving on through without incident. In fact, unless you’re running late, the DUI checkpoint is nothing more than a minor inconvenience- right?! Maybe, maybe not.

Should Sober Drivers Challenge DUI Checkpoints? A DUI defense attorney in Boca Raton thinks so, and has created a flier that urges sober drivers to quietly protest sobriety checkpoints.

Attorney Warren Redlich recommends that rather than instinctively rolling down their window to present officers with their identification, drivers should instead hold up their driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration, along with a sign stating simply, “I remain silent. I don’t allow any searches. I want my attorney.” This should be sufficient to allow the drivers to pass through the checkpoint without any further sobriety tests.

Many drivers have already tried Redlich’s plan and posted videos to YouTube documenting their success. By presenting their sign and appropriate documents, they are able to move through the DUI checkpoints without speaking a word to law enforcement.

That’s Redlich’s point- not having to talk to the officer. By speaking, Redlich claims, motorists are allowing law enforcement the chance to accuse them of being impaired.

However, drunk driving awareness groups are adamantly opposing the use of Redlich’s flier. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is outraged that by using the sign, impaired and potentially dangerous drivers can make it through sobriety checkpoints unscathed. The group worries that the true danger is in encouraging citizens to challenge laws and procedures that are put in place to safeguard them. After all, if you’re not intoxicated, you don’t have anything to lose.

However, as Redlich states, that is not necessarily the case. He says he’s seen plenty of innocent people wrongly accused and suffer the repercussions by failing to exercise their constitutional rights. As a criminal defense lawyer, he highly recommends that individuals protect their rights at every opportunity.

Knowing and understanding your rights is imperative to protecting yourself. If you are detained or questioned by police, you are obligated only to give them basic information concerning your identity, including your name, address, and date of birth. Protect yourself by exercising your right to remain silent.

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