When Your Spouse Lies: Undoing False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Published: August 3, 2014 в 10:01 pm


cuffs-behind-backFalse allegations of domestic violence have become an increasingly utilized tactic, especially during divorce proceedings. Although women can be the target of such ruthless claims, typically it is men who fall victim. Even worse, law enforcement officials and prosecutors have been “taught” to believe the victim—at all costs—even without evidence or merit. Being accused of domestic violence can ruin your relationships, your job opportunities, and even your reputation in the community. Without an experienced Boulder, Colorado domestic violence lawyer on your side, you may even lose custody of your children.

Fathers’ rights advocates surmise that as much as 80% of all claims of domestic violence are erroneous, and that nearly three-quarters of all restraining orders are fallacious or inconsequential. This could be due in large part to the generalization of the definition of “domestic violence” to include many vague and non-aggressive acts.

Some spouses may actually file false reports of domestic violence during divorce proceedings, out of anger, in order to secure sole custody of the children or the family residence and assets. Others file false reports of domestic violence to punish their spouse, damage their reputation, ruin their job prospects, and cause them pain.

Implications of False Allegations of Domestic Violence in Denver

Those falsely accused of domestic violence in Boulder stand to lose custody and visitation rights, close relationships with other family members and mutual friends, and many civil liberties. The ramifications of criminal charges could include termination of employment, even in the face of mounting legal fees. In addition, some states require offenders to participate in anger management or substance abuse programs. Victims also face social stigmas and alienation from their children.

Tragically, false allegations of domestic violence can also detract from the true victims of domestic violence who have a legitimate need for protection and access to the resources afforded by protective agencies.

How to Avoid False Allegations of Domestic Violence in Boulder

The domestic violence policies of our nation appear to function on the credence that every little squabble amongst domestic partners warrants the intervention of law enforcement to conceivably deter escalation of the incident. If at all possible, avoid confrontations with your spouse. If a dispute does arise, file a report documenting the possibility of imminent false accusations, be the first to file a restraining order, or pursue a reciprocal order.

If your spouse has already filed false allegations against you and does not follow the majority of people who eventually retract their claim, you are advised to reveal any inconsistencies in your spouse’s story or reasons he or she may have to falsify such accusations. Secure witnesses who will be able to corroborate your side of the story and most importantly, attend any and all court proceedings.

It is imperative that you retain the services of an experienced Boulder criminal defense attorney immediately after you are charged with domestic violence. Your attorney can represent you in court and can work diligently to have the charges against you dismissed and the restraining order removed. If your spouse or partner is lying, your attorney will be able to expose the holes in his or her story and prove your innocence.

Many municipalities encourage their law enforcement officers to make arrests when there are mere allegations of domestic violence. No proof is needed to arrest someone for domestic violence. Additionally, because domestic violence cases require the lowest legal standard of proof, these allegations can easily destroy a person’s life and complicate divorce proceedings.

domestic assault AttorneyContact Our Boulder Domestic Violence Lawyers

Those accused of domestic violence should never attempt to defend themselves. Instead, it is imperative that you contact a skilled Boulder criminal defense attorney to present the strongest defense possible for you.

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