Teenager Facing Criminal In The Deaths Of Two People

Published: June 27, 2013 в 4:47 pm



9 News reports that a teenager is facing criminal charges after an accident that resulted in the deaths of two people. The accident occurred at 17th Place and the off ramp from I-225 southbound in Aurora. After two months of investigation, police believe that the teenage driver of a pickup truck, who did not have a driver’s license, was speeding when he ran a red light. In the intersection, he struck an SUV, killing the driver and the driver’s 3-month-old baby. The driver’s wife was also in the vehicle, but survived the crash. The teenager is charged with driving without a license and careless driving resulting in death.

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Every day, some people let their minds wander while they drive. Or they try to do something else while driving. In fact, driving can become such a habit that it becomes easy to think that you can do it without really thinking about it. Unfortunately, this is exactly how many car accidents happen. Attention drifts, and a driver does something that they would never have done otherwise. Many people don’t realize that you can actually face criminal charges if your actions cause a car accident. In the event of a fatal accident, you can be facing jail time if the police believe that the accident was caused by careless driving.

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