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“Recently I needed a criminal lawyer to defend me in a situation that had some potentially serious consequences. I was fortunate to find Steven Louth. When we met it was obvious to me that he had a deep knowledge of the law and a genuine concern for his clients. As the process progressed it became clear to me that he not only knew the details of the law but also the nuances of the legal process and how to use them to the advantage of his clients. Steve also has a first class support team that were a pleasure to work with. I know he, and his team obtained the best outcome possible in my case and I strongly refer him to anyone in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney.”  -Roger M.

“I couldn't be more satisfied with Steve Louth and his entire staff. Steve was able to resolve my case quickly and with a better outcome than I ever anticipated. His entire staff is thorough, professional, and has been very helpful at every step along the way. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a fantastic attorney.”  – J

“Steve was a wonderful lawyer. I cannot imagine how any lawyer could have been any more professional, understanding, and knowledgeable about the practice of law. He was always willing to speak with me, and really cared about me and my case. I was unfairly charged with an assault I did not commit and my case was dismissed because of Steve's diligence and knowledge. I was recommended to use Steve by a friend of mine and I will surely be recommending Steve to my colleagues in the future if they need a lawyer.” -A

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