Top 10 Mistakes You Can Make in a DUI Case

Published: September 29, 2014 в 10:06 pm


DUIIf you have been charged with DUI in the state of Colorado, it is extremely important that you have an experienced Boulder, Colorado DUI attorney by your side in order to avoid making a mistake which could potentially land you behind bars for a significant length of time. However, even before you have had the opportunity to call an attorney, you could inadvertently make mistakes, which could be difficult for your Boulder DUI attorney to unravel later on. The ten most common mistakes made by those charged with DUI include the following:

  1. Considering your case over before it’s even begun. Many, many people believe if they have been charged with DUI, they might as well plead guilty and take their punishment, because the chances of a good outcome are highly unlikely. Nothing could be further from the truth! Those who plead guilty to DUI charges will be found guilty 100% of the time. Further, simply pleading guilty and taking your punishment is never the end of the matter. Your guilty plea—or a guilty verdict—will leave you facing much bigger problems for a very long time, including possible jail time, probation, suspended driver’s license, increased insurance rates, mandatory treatment programs, an ignition interlock device placed on your car, and a permanent blot on your record.
  2. Procrastinating over hiring a Denver DUI attorney. Those who fail to take their DUI charges seriously will regret that decision later on. When you hide your head in the sand and fail to take a proactive stance regarding your DUI charges, you could miss critical deadlines and end up with a conviction for DUI.
  3. Deciding to represent yourself. While a handful of people do represent themselves successfully, more often those who choose to be their own lawyer will find themselves facing such things as failure to appear, probation violations, jail time, and a high bail simply through lack of knowledge regarding the DUI process.
  4. Not Hiring an experienced Colorado DUI attorney. Everyone has a friend, relative or friend of a friend who is a divorce attorney, real estate attorney or practices bankruptcy law, and that can seem to be the easiest route—after all, an attorney is an attorney, right? Wrong. When you hire an attorney who does not practice DUI cases on a regular basis, you have vastly reduced your chances of a positive outcome. Colorado DUI case law and statutes are complex, requiring skilled representation.
  5. Failing to request a DMV hearing. A written hearing request must be made within seven days of the date on the Affidavit and Notice of Revocation. It is imperative that you not miss this date if you value your driving privileges.
  6. Not being aware of your Constitutional Rights. Not all DUI stops are strictly by the book. A skilled DUI attorney will ask the right questions in order to determine whether your Constitutional rights were violated during your stop. As an example, the officer may not pull you over unless he or she has reasonable suspicion that a violation of the law has occurred or is in progress.
  7. Accepting the prosecutor’s first offer without speaking to a Colorado DUI attorney. If you have failed to call a Colorado DUI attorney, you may find yourself being presented with an “offer” by the prosecution, and you may be led to believe that taking this offer is your best—and only—option. The state wants to get DUI cases dispensed as quickly as possible, but this does not mean the offer is a good one or that your Colorado DUI attorney won’t be able to negotiate a much better deal on your behalf.
  8. Talking to the police officer at the time of your DUI stop. This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes most people make. You are only obligated to politely give the officer your name and address. From that point on, anything you say is more likely to hurt you than to help you. As for an attorney, then remain silent until your attorney arrives.
  9. Missing your court date. If you are still waffling about what you are going to do regarding your DUI charges and have not yet hired an attorney, it is extremely important that you not miss your first court date, or you will find yourself deeper in trouble.
  10. Driving while your license is revoked. If your license is revoked, it is important that you take that mandate seriously. Should you be caught driving with a revoked license, the trouble you are in could multiply exponentially.

Without proper DUI representation, you will likely end up spending thousands of dollars, spending time in jail, and facing consequences that are very far-reaching and can cause serious damage to your future.

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