Who Can Own a Firearm in Colorado?

Published: February 28, 2017 в 7:34 pm


Hidden gun | Who Can Own a Firearm in ColoradoThere are both federal and state laws that prevent certain types of individuals from purchasing firearms. Federal law prohibits the sale of firearms to convicted felons, minors, and anyone with a history of drug use, mental illness, or domestic violence. Colorado law, however, goes one step further and prohibits anyone charged with domestic violence from purchasing a firearm. That means that you do not need to be convicted of domestic violence in order to be prohibited from purchasing a gun.

Colorado also does not require licensing of gun owners or purchasers and currently there is no ban on assault weapons.

When You May Not Own a Firearm in the State of Colorado

You may not own a firearm if you:

  • Are addicted to narcotic drugs;
  • Have been convicted of any felony offense in any jurisdiction;
  • Have been convicted of specific misdemeanor offenses;
  • Suffer from any type of mental illness;
  • Are under the age of 18

Federal Laws Prohibiting Certain People from Purchasing or Owning a Firearm

In addition to Colorado laws which prohibit certain people from purchasing or possessing a firearm, federal laws prohibit the following people from firearm possession:

  • Those who have been dishonorably discharged from the military;
  • Illegal immigrants;
  • Those under indictment for a crime which has a sentence of more than a year in prison;
  • Any person who has renounced his or her U.S. citizenship;
  • Any person who is considered a fugitive from justice, or
  • Any person who has a court order against him or her for the crime of stalking.

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Open & Concealed Carry Permit Laws

Colorado, like many states, allows firearms to be carried openly in public without a permit. When it comes to concealed carry, however, Colorado will issue conceal permits, but it is up to the state’s discretion. Even if you meet all the qualifications for a concealed permit, you may still be denied if the sheriff believes you are a danger to yourself or to others.

If you complete all the requirements, you may obtain a concealed carry permit for your firearm. A concealed carry permit is issued by your local sheriff or chief of police department, and will allow you to carry a pistol, revolver or any other firearm which can be concealed on your person. To obtain a concealed carry permit, you must: be of good moral character, have good cause to want the concealed carry permit, be a resident of Colorado, no a habitual user of alcohol or controlled substance, and have demonstrated competence with a handgun.

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