Defense Attorneys For Austin Sigg Question DNA Evidence

Published: May 9, 2013 в 3:45 pm



Defense attorneys for Austin Sigg, the standing trial for kidnapping and killing a young girl have questioned DNA evidence presented by prosecutors in the case, according to 9 News. Criminal defense attorneys have asked to see Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) memos regarding the possibility of contamination of the DNA evidence. The CBI has three contamination memos, two regarding the little girl, and one regarding another person who prosecutors believe Sigg attempted to kidnap. While the memos do not necessarily mean that the DNA samples were contaminated, they signify that there is that possibility. Sigg faces the possibility of life in prison in the case. His case is not eligible for the death penalty because he was a minor at the time that the girl died.

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Cases such as this one get a very large amount of media exposure, and understandably so given the terrible nature of what happened. However, it is very easy to forget, while reading a sensational news article, that the person who has been accused of the crime has rights. One of the most dangerous pieces of evidence in the so-called “court of public opinion” is DNA evidence. It is vital that DNA evidence be handled carefully and that it not be contaminated. Faulty DNA evidence can send an innocent person to prison, stripping him or her of so many freedoms. If you have been accused of a crime, whether you made a terrible mistake or have been accused of a crime that you did not commit, it is vital that you have a Denver criminal defense attorney who can effectively protect your rights.

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