Husband Charged With First Degree Murder in Boulder For Death of Wife

Published: July 23, 2018 в 8:52 pm


man in handcuffs in front of police lights | Charged With First Degree Murder in BoulderLast month, Scott Beaumont Jones was charged with first degree murder in Boulder for allegedly strangling his wife to death. 44-year-old Deborah DePinto was found unresponsive in the main office of the Ponderosa Mobile Home Park in Boulder and was pronounced dead. The arrest affidavit cited surveillance footage which contained audio of the couple fighting. DePinto is heard telling her husband to get out of the way before sounds of a physical struggle could be heard. 40 minutes later, the video shows Jones pacing back and forth alone. He is being held at the Boulder County Jail without bond.

Boulder First Degree Murder Charges are Severe

First degree murder is the most serious form of homicide in the state of Colorado. If you are convicted of first degree murder you will face the harshest of all penalties, including life in prison and even the death penalty. In order to avoid these serious consequences, it is important to retain the services of an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will need to begin building your defense immediately and aggressively. Possible defenses against first degree murder charges include:

  • You didn’t commit the crime; you’re innocent
  • You didn’t act with deliberation and malice
  • Police violated your rights
  • You’re not in your right mind or insanity
  • Killing was in self defense
  • Killing was accidental

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Difference between First Degree Murder and Second Degree Murder

The main difference between first degree murder and second degree murder is that first degree murder involves universal malice, cold-bloodedness or extreme indifference. This is indicated by conduct that shows extreme lack of care for the value of a human life. FIrst degree murder may involve deliberation or premeditation, torture, lying in wait, or using a weapon of mass destruction or destructive device.

Colorado’s Felony Murder Rule

In the state of Colorado, there is a common law felony murder rule. This statute classifies all homicides as first degree murder when they’re committed during one of these felonies:

  • Arson
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual Assault

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