Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child

Published: February 28, 2014 в 8:37 pm


Internet sexual exploitation of a child is a serious sex offense. Anyone convicted of this crime will receive an indeterminate sentence to the department of corrections and be required to register as a sex offender and be supervised for the individual’s entire life. Sex offenses in Colorado are considered the worst offenses and anyone with a pending charge or an investigation should contact an experienced sex crime attorney at the onset of any investigation.

Internet sexual exploitation of a child is a class four felony. It occurs when an individual invites or entices, through any network, a person who the individual knows or believes to be under fifteen years of age and at least four years younger than the actor to:

  • expose or touch his or her own intimate parts or the parts of another while communicating with the individual or
  • observe the individual’s intimate parts

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Denver Criminal Defense AttorneySteven Louth is criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer serving the state of Colorado with offices in Boulder and Denver. Mr. Louth prosecuted internet sex crimes when he served as a deputy district attorney for eight years. He left to start his private practice in 1996 and knows how to handle sex crime cases. If you have been charged with internet sexual exploitation of a child contact Denver internet sex crimes attorney Steven Louth for a free initial consultation.

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