Possible Defenses against Rape Charges

Published: February 28, 2014 в 9:13 pm


cuffs-behind-backColorado law does not recognize the sex crime of rape. Instead, rape is considered a type of sexual assault and punishable under Colorado’s sexual assault laws. If you are arrested and charged with sexual assault or rape rape, it is important to understand the seriousness of these allegations. Even a mere accusation of rape is enough to damage your reputation in the community, your relationships, and your career.

 If you are convicted of rape, or sexual assault, in Colorado, you face serious penalties and consequences, including length prison sentences, hefty fines, and mandatory sexual offender registration. This alone can jeopardize your entire future—long after you have paid your debt to society.

Sadly, an accusation of rape often comes down to your words against your accuser’s words—and motivated exes and jilted lovers are aware of this. As such, false allegations of rape are made on a regular basis by individuals who wish to damage their ex’s reputation or gain the upper hand in a divorce or child custody battle. When this occurs, the legal steps you take immediately can have a significant impact on your ability to fight these serious charges.

Rape Charges Defense

There are numerous defenses your lawyer can employ to expose the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Is there any evidence of rape or DNA samples? Are there any eyewitnesses to the event that can corroborate the victim’s story? If not, then it is likely is your word against theirs. When this occurs, our attorneys will stop at nothing to show that the sexual encounter was, in fact, consensual and not an act of sexual assault.

We can establish this in many ways. We may employ character witnesses to testify about your character and the character of the alleged victim. We may bring into consideration the victim’s past sexual history, any request by the victim to use a prophylactic device, or any past sexual relations between you two. A strong defense may include the mental status of the victim, any ulterior motives that can be uncovered, and any time lapse between the event and the accusation.

 If DNA testing is available, your attorney can see that these tests are used to exonerate you from this crime.

 Beating a rape charge is not easy without the help of an experienced and skilled Denver criminal defense lawyer.

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