Police Allowed To Swab DNA Of Anyone Arrested

Published: June 5, 2013 в 4:01 pm



According to the Denver Post, the United States Supreme Court has upheld a Maryland law allowing police in that state to swab for DNA from anyone who has been arrested without first seeking a warrant to do so. A similar law in Colorado would have been affected if the Supreme Court had agreed with a lower court that said that the police would need approval from a judge. In the past, DNA samples had been taken from people convicted of felonies in Colorado, but the current law allows samples to be taken from anyone who is arrested, and added to a DNA database. Proponents of the law liken it to fingerprinting photographing people who are arrested, and the databases of that information that has existed for decades.

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Over the years, some of the most interesting court cases have involved the balancing act between public safety and person privacy. Many common police practices have been declared to be illegal based on invading the privacy of people who are suspected, but have not been found guilty, of crimes. At the same time, there is of course a need to protect safety of the public. The fact is that it is very easy for a state legislature to pass a law, with the best of intentions, that will do more to violate individual’s rights than it will to protect public safety. It is vital to remember that every person accused of a crime in Colorado has constitutionally guaranteed rights, and that those rights can be difficult to protect.

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