Charges Droped in Hit-And-Run Accident

Published: February 22, 2013 в 10:09 pm


PoliceTstopA young woman who was arrested in connection with a hit-and-run accident that resulted in the death a teenage boy on New Year’s Eve spoke with 9 News about the repercussions of being wrongly accused of a crime. The 19-year-old, who had all charges against her dismissed, said that during her time in jail, she had trouble eating and sleeping, knowing that she was facing serious charges for a crime that she did not commit. Police thought that damage to the front of her car connected her to the crime, but released her and dropped the charges when tests showed that the damage to her car was not consistent with the hit-and-run accident after all. The young woman has applied for some jobs, but believes that her arrest, which was highly publicized, has made businesses worry about the public image of hiring her. She also says that she has lost friends who believed that she was guilty of the crime.

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One of the drawbacks of modern technology is the ease with which rumors can be spread, and people’s reputations ruined. Everyone knows that people charged with crimes in the United States are innocent until proven guilty, but that applies to the justice system, not to the press, and not to comments made by everyday people. It is extremely important to have an experienced Boulder criminal defense attorney who understands how to protect your rights, because the fact is that the justice system is made of people, and people do sometimes make assumptions about the guilt of those who have been arrested. One of the important functions of your criminal defense lawyer is to ensure that the judge and the members of the jury are not biased by these perfectly human assumptions, so that you can receive a fair trial.

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