Westminster Municipal Code Title VI

Steven Louth Law Offices represents individuals charged with offenses in Westminster Municipal Court. The Westminster Municipal Court is located at 3030 Turnpike Drive, Westminster CO.

Being charged with a crime or ordinance violation can be intimidating. This is especially true if you do not understand the nature of the charges against you. Title VI of the Westminster Municipal Code deals with police regulation.  If you would like to discuss a charge in Westminster, please contact our lawyers for a free consultation.

Select provisions of Westminster Municipal Code are listed below:

1. Offenses; General Provisions

2. Crimes Against Peace; Firearms

3. Theft; Fraud; Trespassing; Loitering

4. Crimes Against Decency

5. Arrests; Prisoners; Police Officers; False Representations

6. Minors

7. Animals

8. Fireworks

9. Alcoholic Beverages

10. Trains; Litter

11. Disposition of Personal Property

12. Offenses Related to Marijuana

13. Clean Indoor Air

14. Domestic Violence Program

15. Gambling

16. Graffiti

17. Residency of Sexually Violent Predators

18. Litter 

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